Fractionalization, Conglomeration and Narrowcasting-No This is Not the SATs

Posted On February 7, 2010

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Communication: Ever Evolving, Ever So Important

The first blog of my life will be about the development of how people communicate with each other. As uninteresting as it may sound, watching the video Media History: The Story of Flim, TV, and Media made me think about not just how technology has evolved from centuries, but more so how it has evolved in my lifetime. I was not alive when the television was first introduced, or the time of the radio when people sat around listening to broadcasts with their family. I did live during the time period when iPods were introduced, as well as the iPhone, the phone with amazing applications that made everyday tasks easier with the press of a button. Thinking about the speed of being able to communicate is truly remarkable in this day in age. Email, Facebook, cell phones, and texting are ways that people stay in contact and the speed of which people can contact from different states of countries can be done within a couple of seconds. Victoria Rios of AssociatedContent stated “before this technology we had to wait for messages and information to get to us”. Her article about how far technology has advanced can be read here.

Wherever Technology Goes Go- We Go

Watching the video, while I did doze off for one second and that’s it, made me realize technology and communication have changed in a large way and together. A lot of money lies in improving technology because there will always be the demand for products that are better in quality. The technology that is here today brings the world closer together because of the ability to contact people in different countries within a matter of seconds. Society keeps evolving and technology is a key reason for that. Even though I’m in college, my cell phone keeps me in contact with my family, Facebook helps me keep in contact with friends who go to different colleges, and texting helps me set up plans with my friends in college. So as this blog comes to and end, I just want to say call people, because a phone call will always mean more than a text message.


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