Look Media It’s Over There- Actually It’s Everywhere

Posted On February 19, 2010

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Medium at its largest

When I first read this assignment, I had to figure out what exactly media was. It involves any means of communication that influence and reach people widely. That includes the TV, radio, newspaper, books, magazines, advertising, music, and when you think about it, that includes most things around you.

The Media Frenzy in My Life

I recorded my voluntary and forced consumption of media during the weekend, and the most prominent influence was music. Anytime my computer is on, or I’m doing homework, exercising, driving, walking to class, even thinking, I have headphones in. For this weekend, the amount of music I was exposed to totaled around nine hours, whether hearing it on the radio or from my computer. I did homework for about five hours, which is not long, but this was Valentine’s weekend.

Having a girlfriend, being on the phone is required. For the weekend, I logged around four hours on the cell phone. As for being in front of a movie or television screen, six and half hours is pretty long for me in two days, but it happened. I don’t watch that much TV unless it’s sports, the Colbert Report, or the Office.

Can You Please Turn Off the Radio

Interesting things that I have noticed about my other exposures to media is with Facebook, I don’t stay on for more than five minutes. I always go on when I get tired of doing homework. My life, gladly, does not revolve around it. The same goes for YouTube; I don’t ever spend much time on it. Also, all my news sources come from online, never any newspapers or magazines. As for the radio, it does not appeal to me at all. I don’t find that it has relevance with the choice of music that dominates airways.

Advertising- You Cannot Hide From it

What is very interesting is how advertising dominates everyday society. One thing I noticed was is that I hardly ever pay attention to advertisements. I never remember any, and I could not tell you the last ad I have seen recently. Interesting enough this article on the internet states that “on average we see 3,000 ads per day”.  (http://www.media-awareness.ca/english/parents/marketing/advertising_everywhere.cfm) That is an amazing statistic to me, because it shows that media plays such a large role in our everyday lives, we forget that it’s even there.

In terms of what surprised me the most for my media consumption, had to be music. I know the amount of music I listen to during the weekdays is ever higher. It makes my day a lot easier, and I am glad that it will never have to be taken away from me.


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