Two Days Without Media-Yes Problem

Posted On February 19, 2010

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This is what society would like without media

Two Days Without What Now?

The week has begun for it is Monday morning. The same routine takes place as I wake up at 9:20 a.m, get dressed, and make a hot pocket. I grab my iPod, turn on my music, and suddenly I realize that I am not allowed to do this. This is the first day of two were I must live without consuming media. All I can think about is that this must be a sick joke. At that moment, I appreciated the role of media in society, and I just wanted say that I tried my hardest. I did not give up so for the next two days I would put on my iPod on every time subconsciously. What music does is that it makes me focus with everything I do, especially with my homework. Music does not only impact me like this either, check this article out.

Life With No Music- I Mean Media

The hardest part of the two days was without a doubt was not being able to listen to music. Sadly I did not give up the cell phone, and I know what you’re thinking, but I couldn’t risk my relationship. Aside from the phone and music, avoiding all other media was not extremely hard. I rarely watch TV during the weekdays. I don’t even have a TV in my room. The only time I used the internet was for homework. Giving up Facebook and online articles did not make an impact for the two days.

An advantage of giving up media in terms of music, would have to be I was more approachable for people since they didn’t see any headphones on. With giving up Facebook and the internet, it did help me save time and get more homework done. Disadvantages for giving up music dealt mainly with homework. I don’t like hearing people yelling, talking obnoxiously loud, or running through the hallways, music blocks that out. Going without internet had its disadvantages because I didn’t feel up to date with the news and my sports teams.

You Can’t Hide From Advertising- I Told You This

This is from the Cook library, ads are placed like this everywhere on campus

Everywhere I walk on campus there is the Towson University symbol everywhere. Flyers are in every building, especially next to the elevator where I live. Even looking at food in its packaging is considered advertising. There were videos in class that were shown that I couldn’t avoid. Involuntary media to me in this situation was everything I saw that was media, but I didn’t see it as media until I thought about it. I was not very successful with avoiding all forms of media because of the fact that it’s everywhere, and I kept putting my headphones in every time.

Two Days is Possible- Three is Not

My day without media didn’t feel drastically different except for the music aspect. I still had to go to class, I still ate with my friends, and I still did homework. As a college student there is so much to do, so I never felt lost without media in two days. Going without any voluntary media for more than two days would be very difficult though.

On a side note, my media habits are listening to music to focus, going on the internet to stay connected to news and people, and talking on the phone to stay in touch with people close to me.

Media is Life- Better Yet Life is Media

Reflecting on this whole assignment, I realize how much media is involved with everyday life. We have become a society that truly needs it. It does so much for people, that media isn’t always looked at as just media. It’s looked at as a part of life, something you take for granted because it has become routine in your life. You don’t think twice about it. Don’t just believe me though, try it for yourselves. As for the video, you can decide the influence music can have on society


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