Facebook- Is it Really a Problem?

Posted On March 30, 2010

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Can Facebook become a problem to users? There is potential harm for students who use the social networking site too much because it is a form of procrastination. It can also take kids away from being outside, which isn’t good for the growing obesity in our population. What Facebook does is it brings people closer to their friends and as time progresses, it is hard to keep in touch of where everybody is and how their life is going.

Can Facebook Really Do This to You?

An article by David Derbyshire focuses on the argument of Baroness Greenfield, an Oxford University neuroscientist.

Don't Let This Happen to You

She claims that social networking sites “rewire the brain” in a way were it is “infantilizing the brain into the state of small children who are attracted by buzzing noises and bright lights, who have a small attention span and who live for the moment.”

Communication Isn’t A Problem- Right?

The article mentions how young people are having problems communicating and are having difficulty paying attention. Sue Palmer, the author of the book Toxic Childhood stated “We are seeing children’s brain development damaged because they don’t engage in the activity they have engaged in for millennia.” The main point of the article is that kids today are having problems getting away from the computer screen, and Facebook contributes to that in a large way for kids who use it.

The issues that come to mind when reading an article like the one I mentioned above is possibly people petitioning Facebook. If concerns such as the one the article mentioned were to receive national attention, it would hinder the site’s future because many parents would attempt to stop their kids from going on it. When is it too early for kids to have their own MySpace or Facebook, and as parents, how do you prevent your kids from having one when there are computers at their friends’ houses and in public libraries?

It’s the Blogger’s Turn Now

I believe Facebook will be a key tool for people and students in the future because it is a way for people to always stay in touch even when friends move, change addresses, and change phone numbers. It should be a site used occasionally by anybody in high school and up because it is a easy way to communicate with friends that you see everyday in life and friends who will attend different schools in different states. It is also a great way to meet new friends.

Facebook Before Your First Day of College

An article by CNN focused on freshman students who used Facebook to find other freshman students going to the same college. Samantha Pillion, a freshman at Wellesley College, stated “Facebook should just be a starting-off point for meeting new people, and more importantly, a way to keep in touch with people you meet in real time”. Nobody wants to feel alone when they get on campus, and Facebook helps connect people who are facing the same situation.

Parents You Have the Control- Do Your Jobs

Parents should get involved with their kids’ lives to help influence their time on social networking sites. While

Kids, go play outside

parents might not have complete control on how long their kids will go on Facebook, being involved as a parent will help strengthen the influence that they will have when trying to set these boundaries. A strong relationship between a parent and child helps reassure to kids that whatever their parent is doing, it is for the best. Kids should not spend their times on a computer screen all day anyway. They should be outside with their friends, staying active and having fun.

Facebook should be a site used to stay in touch with friends. As you get older, you can’t always go outside and see your friends because there is a lot of school work and future preparations such as focusing on college to be done. When you’re a kid, those worries aren’t there, so there is no need for a Facebook. One method that Facebook could implement is giving parents the ability to set a time limit for how long a certain account can be logged in for a day. Everybody, take a day to not go on Facebook or stay online forever and instead go outside and enjoy the spring weather, as long as it isn’t raining.

This could happen if you use Facebook too much


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