Technology- The Good, the Bad, and the Realistic

Posted On March 30, 2010

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The Future of Housing

The year is 2035 and technology has taken a large step forward in being the savior to mankind. The rapid advancement of technological success had made the United States realize that with so much effective technology in hand, the world’s problems could be solved if there was a larger emphasis placed on it. The United States, as the world leader decided to cut back on military spending and nuclear weapon creation to focus on the problems that have killed so many people for so long.

The Magnificent Future Awaits Us in 20 Years

Speed, compactness, portability, and safety will all be an after thought in this year because well developed countries will have put a large emphasis on all of these aspects into society already. Companies saw the opportunity of creating the next big thing, and that lead to inventions that changed society for the better.

Future Inventions

The Computers Are Just So Fast-Amazing

Computers will load websites, videos, and programs in less than a second. Keyboards will no longer be the way to write  information, people will speak into their computer and the words will appear right in front of them. Don’t worry about libraries being filled with people talking to their computers, there will be technology such as microphones were you speak into it, and it negates any sound around it. In this article by Dan Tynan about future technology, he states “We’re getting closer to our goal of creating computers that are a thousand times faster and smaller.” The emphasis on speed has made society a lot more productive in terms of saving time.

How Many Books Are in Your Pocket? You Said Thousands?

The introduction of the Kindle and iPad in the years 2009 and 2010 have been perfected in this year, with the screen resolutions perfect, simulating having a real book. The device has the ability to carry thousands of books, and it’s the size of a regular sized novel. Laptops will be carried everywhere as wireless hot spots are available in almost every part of the United States. Wherever you are, you will always be connected. The future sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it?

Safety- Yes It Exists Now

In the year of 2035, up to this point, every new born child will have a chip placed in them to find their location if they ever went missing. The improvement of car safety will continue to be upgraded as GPS systems give more detail for directions so you don’t have to look at the screen and cars will be able to brake faster than ever to prevent collisions. Safety for households will include a computer system were you type in when you are going to leave the house and when you expect to be back, so any entrances into the house at hours not specified will lead to a call for 911. Safety had been such a problem in the past, many lives are saved from these inventions.

With smarter computers that know your preferences and what websites you tend to go on and the invention of service robots that help mankind, the future for 2035 looks like a time period that utilizes technology to make life easier and improve it in general. What if all this positivity fails to come true?

The year of 2035?

Gasp- Not a Dystopia

The year is 2035, and people all over the world live in fear. A nuclear attack launched by Iraq on the United States happened ten years before 2035. The United States launched a devastating counter attack, and since then the world has been in terror. There has been a dramatic increase in defensive spending that has led to major cuts in every aspect of government spending. The focus has strictly been put on military spending and nuclear weaponry, leaving people to live in fear every single day. Not the life anybody wants to live.

Is Termination Another Word For Technology in the Future?

Technology in this type of fear stricken society has led to scientists developing inventions that give the upper hand over

The Computer of the Future

other countries. Robots have been created with functions for military operations, but they operate with their own created mind to be more effective. Computers have also been created with superior intelligence to solve problems that humans cannot solve. Since focus has been shifted towards military spending and defense, scientists have tried to make computers able to operate in a way were they can hack into less advanced computer systems for information. This puts control into devices that could be unpredictable and virtually unstoppable, creating “super” technology.

One Invention That Could Go Completely Wrong

In the article I mentioned earlier, the author Dan Tynan stated “Cameras and microphones in your glasses or shirt buttons will record every moment, upload it, and let you replay the good bits”. It will be the opposite, paranoia will happen as people are going to stick it to each other, leaving no privacy for anybody. With all the fear that people live in, people have learned to not trust anything, not even the people they are closest to.

Switching to A Brighter Note Now

Just think about 25 years ago in 1985. Society was completely different. The domination of cell phone usage and technology were a phone is no longer a phone, but considered obsolete if it doesn’t have internet has taken over society. In 1985, the television, radio, and newspaper had the largest impact. In society today, the internet is what controls most of the information that gets to people.

The Death of the Newspaper

The rapid emphasis of the development of computer and internet speed will eliminate the need for paper newspapers. With the speed of how fast computers will turn on and load programs and how fast the internet will operate, news will always be in front of you within in a matter of seconds when you wake up. Every newspaper will be online so there will still be some sense of newspaper life, but I think the articles that have sound and a slide show of pictures will have a much larger role. This article talks about the future of online newspapers.

What Does the Future Hold for Mass Communication?

I think the computer will have the capability to stream cable so you can watch you favorite shows and browse the internet at the same time, on the same screen. We all know that multi tasking is just going to get worse in the future. I think one thing the film industry might try to capitalize on is having new release movies online for people to watch to try to reach as many customers as possible. Advertising only benefits because the use of computers will have grown immensely, reaching countries that didn’t have access to them in 2010.

Last, but not least, journalism will sadly dwindle down to what is only necessary to maintain online newspaper sites. The year of 2035 can be amazing, or it can be frightening. Whatever the case is, technology will have a large impact on how life will be.


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