A Blue Ocean Strategy for Winners and Champions Alike

Posted On April 30, 2010

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Simple Synopsis of Blue Ocean Strategy

A book that has made a significant impact in my life so far would have to be Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. It is a business management book that gives tips for how readers should start their own business.

A Blue Ocean Change of Mind

I received this amazing looking book as a Christmas present from my older brother, Christmas 2009. When I received

Stunning cover

the book I was surprised, first because my brother never gets me anything, and because my major was marketing and I was also interested in journalism, Blue Ocean Strategy is a book for entrepreneurs or anybody who wants to start their own business. I hadn’t really thought of having entrepreneurship as a major yet.

I guess he got the impression of getting me a business book because I did check out a couple of books over the summer on marketing and learning about business did interest me. The thought of being in business really turned me off because I got a sense from being in the different business groups for school last semester that you have to try to kiss up to people, and it’s all about connections.

I decided to take Entrepreneurial process 121 because my friend did and having the knowledge that I already had from reading Blue Ocean Strategy, I decided that I did want to start my own business in the future.

Frozen Blue Ocean- You Know Because of Winter Break

I started reading Blue Ocean Strategy during the winter break, reading it before I went to bed, or bringing it to a dentist or doctor’s appointment. I am not much of a book reader at all, but this book has been an exception.

Word Association Blue Ocean-Cirq du Soleil

No lions, tigers, or bears. Circuses Goodbye

The first thing my brother said to me when he gave me the book was “hurry up and read it so I can read it.” He used that line frequently when he would call and ask how far I was getting along in the book. I would tell him about how I learned that you can start your own business by making a product or service that makes another product inferior. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the book is Cirq du Soleil.

Cirq du Soleil’s Path Out of Red Oceans Into Blue Oceans

Blue Ocean Strategy used Cirq du Soleil as an example of one business taking another businesses’ concept, but expanding past the weaknesses that held the business down. Cirq du Soleil has overtaken circuses in terms of what people want to watch. Cirq du Soleil relied on product differentiation by merging a circus and classic theater production together.

People wanted to see Cirq du Soleil instead of the traditional circus because what Cirq du Soleil did was it improved

No more wooden seats

upon a circuses’ weakness. It provided an atmosphere that is similar to a theater show. People sat in comfortable seats just like they would at an theater instead of wooden benches at a circus. Cirq du Soleil relies on artistic music and dance in the production, and that sells to an ever evolving society in terms of wanting higher quality. Cirq du Soleil eliminated competition from the circus to move into the uncontested market of blue oceans.

Punched Ticket to Happiness

This book, along with my entrepreneurship class changed my life by helping me find what I wanted to do. I really was interested in the business field, but the thought of turning into the some of these people that I saw around me made me despise my major. The book helped me show an alternative, and it helped show me how to be successful with this alternative while staying in the business field. I just wanted control in my life, starting my own business gives me that opportunity.

Blue Ocean Strategy had such a large impact on my life because it introduced me to what I want to do with my life, and what would make me happy in the future. I read this book during a time were I didn’t know what I wanted to major in. As soon as I figured out that I could achieve my life goal of being able to help people in need by being a social entrepreneur, Blue Ocean Strategy gave me confidence. The book taught me key facts for starting your own business, which assured me that I can succeed in starting my own business.

Philadelphia Eagles You Are Still My Main Source for Reading

Blue Ocean Strategy has not really changed what I read today. Most of my reading still comes from online articles about my favorite sports teams and from news sites such as CNN. Blue Ocean Strategy in a way solidifies my book readings towards business books. I have identified what I want to do with my life, so any books I get in the future, will be about how to start your own business. Check Blue Ocean Strategy out for yourself.


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