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Posted On April 30, 2010

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Own it April 22nd, wait, its April 29th

The number one grossing film of all time was released on DVD April 22nd, 2010. 20th Century Fox created the movie and James Cameron directed it. The movie is Avatar and yes, I admit seeing the movie and recently buying it on DVD. Reuters.com states that the release of Avatar on DVD is the “No. 1 home entertainment opening ever over a four-day period.” Clearly, the release of this movie has to have a multimedia campaign that will make even more money right?

If You Care About the Earth You’ll Get This Movie

Before directly getting to the multimedia campaign, I would really like to address how Avatar was released on Earth Day. The movie had a plot of how a distant planet Pandora is attacked by the United States army and military because the planet had a rare natural resource. The inhabitants of Pandora emphasized the importance of nature and it controlled their lives, while the United States killed their mother nature and they were trying to destroy Pandora’s as well. The release of the DVD on a Thursday, Earth Day, instead of on Tuesday when all DVD’s are released really showed a different strategy in the campaign.

For the multimedia campaign of the release of the DVD, I have seen the commercial on television advertising the DVD being released on Earth Day, the DVD reviews for the online newspaper for New York Times, and the magazine Time, I have seen the cross promotion of the NBA playoffs and Avatar on TNT, and I also saw an article that talks about how Avatar “takes to the skies” for the release of the DVD.

Oh You’re Watching Avatar- No I’m Watching the NBA

The commercials shown on television advertise the release of Avatar on DVD. I have seen these commercials on ABC,

Own it or get owned by everybody in the world, or just James Cameron

ESPN, and TNT, because I have been watching the NBA playoffs. I see the commercials advertising the DVD on all those channels, but it is TNT that advertises both the playoffs and Avatar in the same commercial. Another viewer of the commercial Brian Lowry of Variety weblogs.variety.com said “If you watched any coverage of the NBA Playoffs over the weekend, you might have noticed that all the basketball periodically interrupted promotion for the DVD release of “Avatar” on Earth Day.”

Every Website has to have a Review of This Movie

The reviews online of Avatar on DVD by the New York Times (recycled from when the film came out in theaters, but you get the point) and Time give detailed descriptions of the movie producer James’ Cameron’s thoughts about Avatar as well details about the movie on DVD. The most interesting part of the New York Times article was the line at the end by Cameron “And if there is no sequel? “It means we didn’t make any money.” What this line is saying readers, is that this movie is so good, there is going to be a sequel, if you haven’t seen Avatar yet, you’re going to be left out.

The article on Time focused on the DVD itself, stating the “Blu-ray edition of Avatar is offered only packaged with a DVD for $39.99” and how there is no extra footage or 3-D capabilities. The article also mentions how there will be “no fewer than three home versions” so this is not the only DVD release of the movie. While articles were not specifically meant to advertise Avatar in an advertising campaign, the reviews do advertise to the readers about the movie and giving them information that might entice them to go buy it.

No Comment

Now this next approach, I am oh so aware that you guys know how this makes me feel. The cross promotion for the release of Avatar DVD on TNT, shows a commercial that combines NBA basketball players and scenes from the movie. Brian Lowy, mentioned again states it as “in some instances inter-cutting basketball action with scenes from the movie.” I state it as get it out of here, but hey, it’s advertising right?

It’s a Bird- Stop Right There It’s Just Avatar Advertised  on a Plane

For the last form of advertising that I read about, it was in an article by Steve Creedy of the Australian. Creedy states that for the release of Avatar on DVD, Virgin Blue ”the airline will see an Avatar logo plastered across a Boeing 737, as well as an in-flight advertising campaign on the airline’s planes and boarding passes, and promotions in airports and lounges.”

Target audience for Avatar

The Target Audience is Anybody Over Five Feet Tall

The video above honestly tells the target audience of Avatar as almost everybody except younger kids. The movie had cost over 200 million dollars to make, so that target audience statement has to be true. As the highest grossing movie of all time, there is not going to be one group of people that you are going to rely on for sales, even though James Cameron did mention how teenagers are viewers that would want to see the movie more than once, what better way to do that than to buy the DVD.

It is very hard to argue that Avatar is not reaching its target audience with the most DVDs and Blu Rays sold within a span of 4 days and highest grossing movie ever as its achievements. The credentials speak for themselves as Avatar is the most successful movie in history, their target audience is almost everybody, and I have only seen the DVD commercials during the NBA playoffs, which does get significant ratings. Watch Avatar people, it was a good movie.


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