Kentucky Racist Chicken

Posted On April 30, 2010

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Now watch it again, focusing on the two Asian men

I have seen this commercial before, and I never noticed this, and maybe you guys didn’t notice it either. If you observe the simple details of the commercial, you will see that every grouping of people is wearing clothes that are considered normal by society, clothing you would wear in public, except for the two Asian guys. You can see that the two guys are wearing what seem to be outfits that people would normally serve sushi in. Let’s just ignore the two African American Women who don’t even talk in the commercial. That  can be for another day and another blog.

Serving Sushi While Going to the Mall-Oh Wait That Doesn’t Happen

This commercial is offensive to me, as an Asian American, because of how they stereotyped the two Asian guys. I mean

Look at the attire

every other person in the commercial is wearing clothing considered normal by society. Bloggers have supported the same claim that I do. One blogger stated what I saw in the commercial, saying that the commercial is “including two Asian dudes dressed in ethnic costume for no apparent reason.”

Another blogger raised the questionDoes reinforcing some Asian stereotype have anything to do in promoting fried chicken versus grilled chicken?” The last blogger I’ll mention also asked a question “but why are the Asian guys the only ones dressed all stupid and fighting about chicken while speaking in dumb accents?” The dumb accents refers to the way the Asian men had to sound different, speaking faster, instead of talking like how most people do in America when they grow up in this country. All Asian people in America are not foreigners KFC.

ESPN Cease the Showing of This Commercial

Something has to be done about this commercial which I recall being shown on ESPN. I think it’s time for a letter of concern from a consumer of interest to the President of ESPN, George Bodenheimer.

Mr. Bodenheimer, my name is Minju Zukowski, and I am a loyal viewer of ESPN. I have recently discovered a commercial that I have seen advertised on your network, and I find this commercial to be racist. The commercial that I am referring to is the one about Kentucky Grilled Chicken, showing pairs of people arguing about which chicken is better, grilled or fried.

I find racism in the portrayal of every pair of people to be dressed in normal clothing, clothing that you would see people wear everyday to the grocery store or mall, except for the two Asian men in the commercial. They are dressed up in “ethnic” attire instead of casual clothing.

I voice my concern over this commercial Mr Bodenheimer because I feel that the advertisers are portraying the Asian race as unfit to be represented as “normal” American citizens. KFC’s decision to cast two Asian men in different attire from every other race represented in the commercial enforces an unfair stereotype of Asian people in America.

I am offended as a viewer of ESPN, and I ask that you choose to not show this commercial on any of your outlets. The “hidden” message that this commercial exhibits is offensive to me as an Asian American citizen, who does not talk with an accent or dress up in ethnic attire in public.

Portraying diversity in a commercial is a good thing. I suggest that the Asian men wear clothing that is similar to what everybody else in the commercial is wearing. KFC was on the right track of including people of different ethnic backgrounds.

Making the Asian men wear something that no person would wear in public here in America, was insulting. No other ethnicity represented wore something along those lines. I hope that this commercial can be banned on ESPN. Thank you for your time Mr. Bodenheimer, I hope you take my problem under consideration.

Good Commercial KFC

Now maybe you guys think I am overreacting. Maybe a little, but hey, if nobody speaks up, then this“hidden” racism will continue. We should all stand up for what we believe in, and depicting two Asian guys in sushi outfits to try to sell grilled chicken, just seems off.

You see what you do KFC


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