Kentucky Racist Chicken

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Now watch it again, focusing on the two Asian men

I have seen this commercial before, and I never noticed this, and maybe you guys didn’t notice it either. If you observe the simple details of the commercial, you will see that every grouping of people is wearing clothes that are considered normal by society, clothing you would wear in public, except for the two Asian guys. You can see that the two guys are wearing what seem to be outfits that people would normally serve sushi in. Let’s just ignore the two African American Women who don’t even talk in the commercial. That  can be for another day and another blog.

Serving Sushi While Going to the Mall-Oh Wait That Doesn’t Happen

This commercial is offensive to me, as an Asian American, because of how they stereotyped the two Asian guys. I mean

Look at the attire

every other person in the commercial is wearing clothing considered normal by society. Bloggers have supported the same claim that I do. One blogger stated what I saw in the commercial, saying that the commercial is “including two Asian dudes dressed in ethnic costume for no apparent reason.”

Another blogger raised the questionDoes reinforcing some Asian stereotype have anything to do in promoting fried chicken versus grilled chicken?” The last blogger I’ll mention also asked a question “but why are the Asian guys the only ones dressed all stupid and fighting about chicken while speaking in dumb accents?” The dumb accents refers to the way the Asian men had to sound different, speaking faster, instead of talking like how most people do in America when they grow up in this country. All Asian people in America are not foreigners KFC.

ESPN Cease the Showing of This Commercial

Something has to be done about this commercial which I recall being shown on ESPN. I think it’s time for a letter of concern from a consumer of interest to the President of ESPN, George Bodenheimer.

Mr. Bodenheimer, my name is Minju Zukowski, and I am a loyal viewer of ESPN. I have recently discovered a commercial that I have seen advertised on your network, and I find this commercial to be racist. The commercial that I am referring to is the one about Kentucky Grilled Chicken, showing pairs of people arguing about which chicken is better, grilled or fried.

I find racism in the portrayal of every pair of people to be dressed in normal clothing, clothing that you would see people wear everyday to the grocery store or mall, except for the two Asian men in the commercial. They are dressed up in “ethnic” attire instead of casual clothing.

I voice my concern over this commercial Mr Bodenheimer because I feel that the advertisers are portraying the Asian race as unfit to be represented as “normal” American citizens. KFC’s decision to cast two Asian men in different attire from every other race represented in the commercial enforces an unfair stereotype of Asian people in America.

I am offended as a viewer of ESPN, and I ask that you choose to not show this commercial on any of your outlets. The “hidden” message that this commercial exhibits is offensive to me as an Asian American citizen, who does not talk with an accent or dress up in ethnic attire in public.

Portraying diversity in a commercial is a good thing. I suggest that the Asian men wear clothing that is similar to what everybody else in the commercial is wearing. KFC was on the right track of including people of different ethnic backgrounds.

Making the Asian men wear something that no person would wear in public here in America, was insulting. No other ethnicity represented wore something along those lines. I hope that this commercial can be banned on ESPN. Thank you for your time Mr. Bodenheimer, I hope you take my problem under consideration.

Good Commercial KFC

Now maybe you guys think I am overreacting. Maybe a little, but hey, if nobody speaks up, then this“hidden” racism will continue. We should all stand up for what we believe in, and depicting two Asian guys in sushi outfits to try to sell grilled chicken, just seems off.

You see what you do KFC


From Zero to Hero to Hero to Jail

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Explanation of the Gilbert Arenas Situation

Gilbert Arenas, any basketball fan would know him for being one of the best offensive players in the NBA. Arenas, has unfortunately expanded across the borders of basketball to the realms of the public eye through his decision to bring unloaded guns to the Verizon Center locker room, where the Washington Wizards play. While bringing unloaded guns to your work place is never a good idea, Arenas didn’t even have a license to carry the guns for the city of Washington D.C. I’ll let you guys think for why anybody would bring guns to their workplace.

Gun Violence in the Form of Hand Gestures

Not a good idea

Arenas was eventually suspended by commissioner of the NBA David Stern, not for the gun incident, but for this picture to the right, that depicts Arenas with his hands in the shape of guns, with him and his teammates laughing.

An article by David Aldridge of talks about the incident “Arenas’ subsequent conduct, including a pregame routine Tuesday night before Washington’s game in Philadelphia in which Arenas pretended to “shoot” his teammates with his fingers.” He also includes Commissioner Stern’s decision about the incident which  “has led me to conclude that he is not currently fit to take the court in an NBA game.” That single picture was enough for Arenas to get suspended from the NBA because it showed that he did not take his situation serious.

20 Years Or Two Days

There was so much debate as whether Arenas would ever be allowed to play basketball ever again because his jail sentence had a possible length of 20 years. He got two days and 30 days in a halfway house. While the punishment does not seem harsh at all, he has been highly criticized by the media for his decision, leaving his reputation tarnished. Fear not Mr. Arenas, I am here to create a public relations campaign for you.

Gilbert Arenas- Family Man

Arenas’ explanation for storing the guns in his locker was because he didn’t want the guns in his house after his latest child was born. I think this would be good information to run with. So my first strategy for resurrecting Gilbert Arenas’ public image is to have a public service announcement commercial similar to the one below, but more serious. Arenas will talk about how with guns, there is always potential for somebody to get hurt, especially children. He could also talk about statistics such as this one from “Every day, about 75 American children are shot. Most recover – 15 do not.”

Once again, it would be more serious

A Press Conference Like Tiger Woods’-Just More Authentic

My next two strategies would focus on media relations. One thing the Washington Wizards did when Gilbert Arenas was suspended was they took down the banner of him that was on the Verizon Center. As the Wizards best player, the fans of Washington were severely let down by him because there were high hopes for a championship. I would contact the Wizard’s front office and persuade them to have a press conference with Arenas about next season, after he gets done with his sentence.

The press conference would have Arenas give a statement and a public apology to the fans of the Wizards and the NBA. The Wizards stated that he will play basketball for them next season, so I would have the coach and general manager commit publicly towards supporting Arenas, so fans can get confidence in Arenas and the team.

Gilbert Arenas For President-Of PETA

My last strategy would be focusing on community service and volunteering for Arenas. Of course we would have photographers and writers to help cover the events. Gilbert Arenas has already been in the news for donating his fur coats to homeless women, this act being praised by PETA. Arenas has always been involved with PETA, so I would just focus on getting his contributions spread to the public. While Arenas cant erase the public’s mind of what happened with the gun incident, doing numerous charitable acts can help distract that thought.

The Campaign Won’t Back Fire-Well Maybe

My strategies for the press conference could backfire if Arenas was to be traded to a different team. Then the whole Washington Wizards fan base would always remember him as the player who messed up the whole franchise by making a terrible decision. I could also see too much publicity of the charitable events by Arenas backfiring because it keeps Arenas in the public’s mind, they don’t have the opportunity to forget about what he has done.

Good Job Team- But is it Ethical

Public Relations Society of America Code of Ethics states how public relations campaigns are to be held. I do not see my campaign violating any of the rules as stated. I am not lying when Arenas has stated that he wanted to protect his children from the guns. What father would not want to do that?  As for accuracy, Arenas has his own foundation and he volunteers with the NB. The NBA sponsors the NBA Cares program, were all teams and players take part in volunteering for the community.

As for fairness, Gilbert Arenas did not harm anybody, nor were the guns loaded. He made a mistake and he has been punished with jail time. He didn’t kill anybody, and as long as he doesn’t bring guns to an NBA locker room ever again, how can the public be upset about this campaign?

Avatar-You Must See It You Will See It

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Own it April 22nd, wait, its April 29th

The number one grossing film of all time was released on DVD April 22nd, 2010. 20th Century Fox created the movie and James Cameron directed it. The movie is Avatar and yes, I admit seeing the movie and recently buying it on DVD. states that the release of Avatar on DVD is the “No. 1 home entertainment opening ever over a four-day period.” Clearly, the release of this movie has to have a multimedia campaign that will make even more money right?

If You Care About the Earth You’ll Get This Movie

Before directly getting to the multimedia campaign, I would really like to address how Avatar was released on Earth Day. The movie had a plot of how a distant planet Pandora is attacked by the United States army and military because the planet had a rare natural resource. The inhabitants of Pandora emphasized the importance of nature and it controlled their lives, while the United States killed their mother nature and they were trying to destroy Pandora’s as well. The release of the DVD on a Thursday, Earth Day, instead of on Tuesday when all DVD’s are released really showed a different strategy in the campaign.

For the multimedia campaign of the release of the DVD, I have seen the commercial on television advertising the DVD being released on Earth Day, the DVD reviews for the online newspaper for New York Times, and the magazine Time, I have seen the cross promotion of the NBA playoffs and Avatar on TNT, and I also saw an article that talks about how Avatar “takes to the skies” for the release of the DVD.

Oh You’re Watching Avatar- No I’m Watching the NBA

The commercials shown on television advertise the release of Avatar on DVD. I have seen these commercials on ABC,

Own it or get owned by everybody in the world, or just James Cameron

ESPN, and TNT, because I have been watching the NBA playoffs. I see the commercials advertising the DVD on all those channels, but it is TNT that advertises both the playoffs and Avatar in the same commercial. Another viewer of the commercial Brian Lowry of Variety said “If you watched any coverage of the NBA Playoffs over the weekend, you might have noticed that all the basketball periodically interrupted promotion for the DVD release of “Avatar” on Earth Day.”

Every Website has to have a Review of This Movie

The reviews online of Avatar on DVD by the New York Times (recycled from when the film came out in theaters, but you get the point) and Time give detailed descriptions of the movie producer James’ Cameron’s thoughts about Avatar as well details about the movie on DVD. The most interesting part of the New York Times article was the line at the end by Cameron “And if there is no sequel? “It means we didn’t make any money.” What this line is saying readers, is that this movie is so good, there is going to be a sequel, if you haven’t seen Avatar yet, you’re going to be left out.

The article on Time focused on the DVD itself, stating the “Blu-ray edition of Avatar is offered only packaged with a DVD for $39.99” and how there is no extra footage or 3-D capabilities. The article also mentions how there will be “no fewer than three home versions” so this is not the only DVD release of the movie. While articles were not specifically meant to advertise Avatar in an advertising campaign, the reviews do advertise to the readers about the movie and giving them information that might entice them to go buy it.

No Comment

Now this next approach, I am oh so aware that you guys know how this makes me feel. The cross promotion for the release of Avatar DVD on TNT, shows a commercial that combines NBA basketball players and scenes from the movie. Brian Lowy, mentioned again states it as “in some instances inter-cutting basketball action with scenes from the movie.” I state it as get it out of here, but hey, it’s advertising right?

It’s a Bird- Stop Right There It’s Just Avatar Advertised  on a Plane

For the last form of advertising that I read about, it was in an article by Steve Creedy of the Australian. Creedy states that for the release of Avatar on DVD, Virgin Blue ”the airline will see an Avatar logo plastered across a Boeing 737, as well as an in-flight advertising campaign on the airline’s planes and boarding passes, and promotions in airports and lounges.”

Target audience for Avatar

The Target Audience is Anybody Over Five Feet Tall

The video above honestly tells the target audience of Avatar as almost everybody except younger kids. The movie had cost over 200 million dollars to make, so that target audience statement has to be true. As the highest grossing movie of all time, there is not going to be one group of people that you are going to rely on for sales, even though James Cameron did mention how teenagers are viewers that would want to see the movie more than once, what better way to do that than to buy the DVD.

It is very hard to argue that Avatar is not reaching its target audience with the most DVDs and Blu Rays sold within a span of 4 days and highest grossing movie ever as its achievements. The credentials speak for themselves as Avatar is the most successful movie in history, their target audience is almost everybody, and I have only seen the DVD commercials during the NBA playoffs, which does get significant ratings. Watch Avatar people, it was a good movie.

A Blue Ocean Strategy for Winners and Champions Alike

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Simple Synopsis of Blue Ocean Strategy

A book that has made a significant impact in my life so far would have to be Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. It is a business management book that gives tips for how readers should start their own business.

A Blue Ocean Change of Mind

I received this amazing looking book as a Christmas present from my older brother, Christmas 2009. When I received

Stunning cover

the book I was surprised, first because my brother never gets me anything, and because my major was marketing and I was also interested in journalism, Blue Ocean Strategy is a book for entrepreneurs or anybody who wants to start their own business. I hadn’t really thought of having entrepreneurship as a major yet.

I guess he got the impression of getting me a business book because I did check out a couple of books over the summer on marketing and learning about business did interest me. The thought of being in business really turned me off because I got a sense from being in the different business groups for school last semester that you have to try to kiss up to people, and it’s all about connections.

I decided to take Entrepreneurial process 121 because my friend did and having the knowledge that I already had from reading Blue Ocean Strategy, I decided that I did want to start my own business in the future.

Frozen Blue Ocean- You Know Because of Winter Break

I started reading Blue Ocean Strategy during the winter break, reading it before I went to bed, or bringing it to a dentist or doctor’s appointment. I am not much of a book reader at all, but this book has been an exception.

Word Association Blue Ocean-Cirq du Soleil

No lions, tigers, or bears. Circuses Goodbye

The first thing my brother said to me when he gave me the book was “hurry up and read it so I can read it.” He used that line frequently when he would call and ask how far I was getting along in the book. I would tell him about how I learned that you can start your own business by making a product or service that makes another product inferior. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the book is Cirq du Soleil.

Cirq du Soleil’s Path Out of Red Oceans Into Blue Oceans

Blue Ocean Strategy used Cirq du Soleil as an example of one business taking another businesses’ concept, but expanding past the weaknesses that held the business down. Cirq du Soleil has overtaken circuses in terms of what people want to watch. Cirq du Soleil relied on product differentiation by merging a circus and classic theater production together.

People wanted to see Cirq du Soleil instead of the traditional circus because what Cirq du Soleil did was it improved

No more wooden seats

upon a circuses’ weakness. It provided an atmosphere that is similar to a theater show. People sat in comfortable seats just like they would at an theater instead of wooden benches at a circus. Cirq du Soleil relies on artistic music and dance in the production, and that sells to an ever evolving society in terms of wanting higher quality. Cirq du Soleil eliminated competition from the circus to move into the uncontested market of blue oceans.

Punched Ticket to Happiness

This book, along with my entrepreneurship class changed my life by helping me find what I wanted to do. I really was interested in the business field, but the thought of turning into the some of these people that I saw around me made me despise my major. The book helped me show an alternative, and it helped show me how to be successful with this alternative while staying in the business field. I just wanted control in my life, starting my own business gives me that opportunity.

Blue Ocean Strategy had such a large impact on my life because it introduced me to what I want to do with my life, and what would make me happy in the future. I read this book during a time were I didn’t know what I wanted to major in. As soon as I figured out that I could achieve my life goal of being able to help people in need by being a social entrepreneur, Blue Ocean Strategy gave me confidence. The book taught me key facts for starting your own business, which assured me that I can succeed in starting my own business.

Philadelphia Eagles You Are Still My Main Source for Reading

Blue Ocean Strategy has not really changed what I read today. Most of my reading still comes from online articles about my favorite sports teams and from news sites such as CNN. Blue Ocean Strategy in a way solidifies my book readings towards business books. I have identified what I want to do with my life, so any books I get in the future, will be about how to start your own business. Check Blue Ocean Strategy out for yourself.

Advertising is “Killing Us Softly”

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This video shows gender differences in advertising, in a humorous way

Jean Killbourne’s Killing Us Softly 3 had some really interesting observations that made me think of how women are really treated in advertising. One statistic that she pointed out that I knew already, but still amazes me is that the average American is exposed to around 3,000 ads a day. That number is truly amazing, I mean just think, do you believe that you see that many ads a day?

Even Models Have Flaws

One point that Kilbourne makes that I agree with is when many advertisers use women, they using women who are considered flawless and very beautiful, showing how women should look. One thing I never realized is that many of those images of women are fake, as computer retouching is used to make them look perfect by society’s standards. Computer retouching not only tells models that they have flaws, but it is placing an image that is altered for viewers, and women think that it is real and how they are supposed to look.

An Image That is Glorified- Yet Impossible to Obtain

Kilborune referred to how commercials encourage women to buy beauty products, take diet pills to obtain a beauty

An image that shows a women in a cage

that is shown in so many advertisements and commercials. Kilbourne stated that the commercials make women feel that they can look like that, it’s just that they aren’t trying hard enough. I agree that this pressure puts an unrealistic goal for women to try to look like what they see in advertisements.

Women Are Not Objects- But In Commercials They Are

Portrayal as an object

I never realized that in many advertisements, that women are basically used as objects. Kilbourne stated how some ads only emphasize the body parts of women, and their face is never shown. An article I read by Media Awareness Online said “Women become sexual objects when their bodies and their sexuality are linked to products that are bought and sold”. It makes sense because a women’s body in an ad can attract a male viewer’s attention because they are attracted to the women’s face or body.

Anybody For Some Scientific Evidence?

I read another article by the that said “Researchers scanned the brains of certain men as they looked at a photograph of a woman in a bikini and discovered that sections of the brain that usually reacted to objects lit up”. With all the advertisements that have a similar approach in selling a womens’ body to catch viewers’ attention, this study does not surprise me.

Almost Killed Softly

Advertising is ruining many women and young girls’ self esteem because so many ads are telling them how they need to look. Killbourne has raised interesting arguments and has exposed advertising agencies for their methods, but is there a solution to this problem? The only way to change this perception is for more emphasis on positive advertising. Women should love who they are because that is what makes them different from any other person in the world.

The All Powerful Walt Disney Corporation

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Cross Promotion for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland

ESPN sportscaster Stuart Scott and Mickey Mouse

I have a confession to make to all my readers, I never knew that Walt Disney owned ESPN (and almost everything else fort that matter). Whenever I watch television, I am basically watching sports on ESPN. I didn’t know that when a movie trailer from Disney would come on ESPN, that is was because the Walt Disney Corporation owned ESPN and they were using an advantage based advertising.

Sports Fans Get Used to it

An article by Time Magazine mentions that with ESPN “they bristle at promoting Disney movies on their jock network, even though cross promotion is standard operating procedure at media conglomerates”. The effectiveness of this method makes it worthwhile for every conglomerate to implement because it is a way to advertise to many viewers while saving money because they own the program. Since the Walt Disney Company owns ESPN, it isn’t going to cost much money and the advertising can reach to a different type of viewer. Instead of focusing on advertising a movie to kids on the Disney Channel, advertising on ESPN can reach parents and try to convince them to go see the movie for their kids.

Are We Feeling Some Toy Story 3 Anybody?

I am a tad bit ashamed of not knowing about the relationship between ESPN and Walt Disney, so I will help to promote Disney’s next movie, Toy Story 3, with a cross promotion strategy to be implemented on ESPN. A complaint I have always had is when I see a movie and a sport advertised in the same commercial. I find it to be lame because both the advertised movie and sport have nothing to do with each other, it lacks any creativity. Showing a movie’s action scenes and NBA players dunking is just lazy, there is no connection to the two.

This is just an example of what I am talking about, this commercial is not a terrible one though

Let the Annoying To Some But Effective Advertising Begin

This process seems to be relatively easy to promote because this website states that Sportscenter, the popular show on ESPN that recaps and highlights sports from the day “averages 100 million viewers a month”. All it takes is to force the movie into the viewers’ minds, providing a movie trailer that might produce a chuckle from the viewer to get them to consider seeing the movie, if they had not planned to already.

Of course the athletes would say how much their family enjoyed the movie. I would air the commercial interviews on all ESPN outlets for around two to three weeks to give viewers the incentive to see the movie. If a movie trailer is not a good enough reason for some viewers to want to go see the movie, then the fact that seeing athletes you watch enjoy that movie might get you to reconsider.

My last idea for the cross promotion campaign would be to plan a televised game on ESPN to broadcast a game that has the team’s home arena having a “Kid’s Night”. This would work better in the regular season instead of the playoffs for basketball. For example, say if the Los Angeles Lakers are hosting the Denver Nuggets in the Staples Center, the arena will have a “Kid’s Night” giving all kids a free toy from Toy Story 3. The game would be around a couple of days to a week before the release of the movie.

What this does is that the movie is advertised on national television to viewers at home watching the game and to all the kids at the arena receiving the free toy. ESPN would advertise that it is “Kid’s Night” at the Staples Center, and there would be footage of kids holding their toys from the movie Toy Story before the game starts. Kids at the arena will want to see the movie since they have the toy now, and kids who might be watching the game would want to pressure their parents to go see the movie because the movie is constantly being advertised. Also parents will have the idea of Toy Story 3 in their mind because they will frequently see or hear things about the movie, it will be stuck in their mind. For the viewers at home, get ready, commercial breaks mean an opportunity to show athlete interviews about the movie and the movie trailer itself. You can’t stop the advertising can you?

Tired of Cross Promotion Yet?

Facebook- Is it Really a Problem?

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Can Facebook become a problem to users? There is potential harm for students who use the social networking site too much because it is a form of procrastination. It can also take kids away from being outside, which isn’t good for the growing obesity in our population. What Facebook does is it brings people closer to their friends and as time progresses, it is hard to keep in touch of where everybody is and how their life is going.

Can Facebook Really Do This to You?

An article by David Derbyshire focuses on the argument of Baroness Greenfield, an Oxford University neuroscientist.

Don't Let This Happen to You

She claims that social networking sites “rewire the brain” in a way were it is “infantilizing the brain into the state of small children who are attracted by buzzing noises and bright lights, who have a small attention span and who live for the moment.”

Communication Isn’t A Problem- Right?

The article mentions how young people are having problems communicating and are having difficulty paying attention. Sue Palmer, the author of the book Toxic Childhood stated “We are seeing children’s brain development damaged because they don’t engage in the activity they have engaged in for millennia.” The main point of the article is that kids today are having problems getting away from the computer screen, and Facebook contributes to that in a large way for kids who use it.

The issues that come to mind when reading an article like the one I mentioned above is possibly people petitioning Facebook. If concerns such as the one the article mentioned were to receive national attention, it would hinder the site’s future because many parents would attempt to stop their kids from going on it. When is it too early for kids to have their own MySpace or Facebook, and as parents, how do you prevent your kids from having one when there are computers at their friends’ houses and in public libraries?

It’s the Blogger’s Turn Now

I believe Facebook will be a key tool for people and students in the future because it is a way for people to always stay in touch even when friends move, change addresses, and change phone numbers. It should be a site used occasionally by anybody in high school and up because it is a easy way to communicate with friends that you see everyday in life and friends who will attend different schools in different states. It is also a great way to meet new friends.

Facebook Before Your First Day of College

An article by CNN focused on freshman students who used Facebook to find other freshman students going to the same college. Samantha Pillion, a freshman at Wellesley College, stated “Facebook should just be a starting-off point for meeting new people, and more importantly, a way to keep in touch with people you meet in real time”. Nobody wants to feel alone when they get on campus, and Facebook helps connect people who are facing the same situation.

Parents You Have the Control- Do Your Jobs

Parents should get involved with their kids’ lives to help influence their time on social networking sites. While

Kids, go play outside

parents might not have complete control on how long their kids will go on Facebook, being involved as a parent will help strengthen the influence that they will have when trying to set these boundaries. A strong relationship between a parent and child helps reassure to kids that whatever their parent is doing, it is for the best. Kids should not spend their times on a computer screen all day anyway. They should be outside with their friends, staying active and having fun.

Facebook should be a site used to stay in touch with friends. As you get older, you can’t always go outside and see your friends because there is a lot of school work and future preparations such as focusing on college to be done. When you’re a kid, those worries aren’t there, so there is no need for a Facebook. One method that Facebook could implement is giving parents the ability to set a time limit for how long a certain account can be logged in for a day. Everybody, take a day to not go on Facebook or stay online forever and instead go outside and enjoy the spring weather, as long as it isn’t raining.

This could happen if you use Facebook too much

Technology- The Good, the Bad, and the Realistic

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The Future of Housing

The year is 2035 and technology has taken a large step forward in being the savior to mankind. The rapid advancement of technological success had made the United States realize that with so much effective technology in hand, the world’s problems could be solved if there was a larger emphasis placed on it. The United States, as the world leader decided to cut back on military spending and nuclear weapon creation to focus on the problems that have killed so many people for so long.

The Magnificent Future Awaits Us in 20 Years

Speed, compactness, portability, and safety will all be an after thought in this year because well developed countries will have put a large emphasis on all of these aspects into society already. Companies saw the opportunity of creating the next big thing, and that lead to inventions that changed society for the better.

Future Inventions

The Computers Are Just So Fast-Amazing

Computers will load websites, videos, and programs in less than a second. Keyboards will no longer be the way to write  information, people will speak into their computer and the words will appear right in front of them. Don’t worry about libraries being filled with people talking to their computers, there will be technology such as microphones were you speak into it, and it negates any sound around it. In this article by Dan Tynan about future technology, he states “We’re getting closer to our goal of creating computers that are a thousand times faster and smaller.” The emphasis on speed has made society a lot more productive in terms of saving time.

How Many Books Are in Your Pocket? You Said Thousands?

The introduction of the Kindle and iPad in the years 2009 and 2010 have been perfected in this year, with the screen resolutions perfect, simulating having a real book. The device has the ability to carry thousands of books, and it’s the size of a regular sized novel. Laptops will be carried everywhere as wireless hot spots are available in almost every part of the United States. Wherever you are, you will always be connected. The future sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it?

Safety- Yes It Exists Now

In the year of 2035, up to this point, every new born child will have a chip placed in them to find their location if they ever went missing. The improvement of car safety will continue to be upgraded as GPS systems give more detail for directions so you don’t have to look at the screen and cars will be able to brake faster than ever to prevent collisions. Safety for households will include a computer system were you type in when you are going to leave the house and when you expect to be back, so any entrances into the house at hours not specified will lead to a call for 911. Safety had been such a problem in the past, many lives are saved from these inventions.

With smarter computers that know your preferences and what websites you tend to go on and the invention of service robots that help mankind, the future for 2035 looks like a time period that utilizes technology to make life easier and improve it in general. What if all this positivity fails to come true?

The year of 2035?

Gasp- Not a Dystopia

The year is 2035, and people all over the world live in fear. A nuclear attack launched by Iraq on the United States happened ten years before 2035. The United States launched a devastating counter attack, and since then the world has been in terror. There has been a dramatic increase in defensive spending that has led to major cuts in every aspect of government spending. The focus has strictly been put on military spending and nuclear weaponry, leaving people to live in fear every single day. Not the life anybody wants to live.

Is Termination Another Word For Technology in the Future?

Technology in this type of fear stricken society has led to scientists developing inventions that give the upper hand over

The Computer of the Future

other countries. Robots have been created with functions for military operations, but they operate with their own created mind to be more effective. Computers have also been created with superior intelligence to solve problems that humans cannot solve. Since focus has been shifted towards military spending and defense, scientists have tried to make computers able to operate in a way were they can hack into less advanced computer systems for information. This puts control into devices that could be unpredictable and virtually unstoppable, creating “super” technology.

One Invention That Could Go Completely Wrong

In the article I mentioned earlier, the author Dan Tynan stated “Cameras and microphones in your glasses or shirt buttons will record every moment, upload it, and let you replay the good bits”. It will be the opposite, paranoia will happen as people are going to stick it to each other, leaving no privacy for anybody. With all the fear that people live in, people have learned to not trust anything, not even the people they are closest to.

Switching to A Brighter Note Now

Just think about 25 years ago in 1985. Society was completely different. The domination of cell phone usage and technology were a phone is no longer a phone, but considered obsolete if it doesn’t have internet has taken over society. In 1985, the television, radio, and newspaper had the largest impact. In society today, the internet is what controls most of the information that gets to people.

The Death of the Newspaper

The rapid emphasis of the development of computer and internet speed will eliminate the need for paper newspapers. With the speed of how fast computers will turn on and load programs and how fast the internet will operate, news will always be in front of you within in a matter of seconds when you wake up. Every newspaper will be online so there will still be some sense of newspaper life, but I think the articles that have sound and a slide show of pictures will have a much larger role. This article talks about the future of online newspapers.

What Does the Future Hold for Mass Communication?

I think the computer will have the capability to stream cable so you can watch you favorite shows and browse the internet at the same time, on the same screen. We all know that multi tasking is just going to get worse in the future. I think one thing the film industry might try to capitalize on is having new release movies online for people to watch to try to reach as many customers as possible. Advertising only benefits because the use of computers will have grown immensely, reaching countries that didn’t have access to them in 2010.

Last, but not least, journalism will sadly dwindle down to what is only necessary to maintain online newspaper sites. The year of 2035 can be amazing, or it can be frightening. Whatever the case is, technology will have a large impact on how life will be.

Two Days Without Media-Yes Problem

Posted On February 19, 2010

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This is what society would like without media

Two Days Without What Now?

The week has begun for it is Monday morning. The same routine takes place as I wake up at 9:20 a.m, get dressed, and make a hot pocket. I grab my iPod, turn on my music, and suddenly I realize that I am not allowed to do this. This is the first day of two were I must live without consuming media. All I can think about is that this must be a sick joke. At that moment, I appreciated the role of media in society, and I just wanted say that I tried my hardest. I did not give up so for the next two days I would put on my iPod on every time subconsciously. What music does is that it makes me focus with everything I do, especially with my homework. Music does not only impact me like this either, check this article out.

Life With No Music- I Mean Media

The hardest part of the two days was without a doubt was not being able to listen to music. Sadly I did not give up the cell phone, and I know what you’re thinking, but I couldn’t risk my relationship. Aside from the phone and music, avoiding all other media was not extremely hard. I rarely watch TV during the weekdays. I don’t even have a TV in my room. The only time I used the internet was for homework. Giving up Facebook and online articles did not make an impact for the two days.

An advantage of giving up media in terms of music, would have to be I was more approachable for people since they didn’t see any headphones on. With giving up Facebook and the internet, it did help me save time and get more homework done. Disadvantages for giving up music dealt mainly with homework. I don’t like hearing people yelling, talking obnoxiously loud, or running through the hallways, music blocks that out. Going without internet had its disadvantages because I didn’t feel up to date with the news and my sports teams.

You Can’t Hide From Advertising- I Told You This

This is from the Cook library, ads are placed like this everywhere on campus

Everywhere I walk on campus there is the Towson University symbol everywhere. Flyers are in every building, especially next to the elevator where I live. Even looking at food in its packaging is considered advertising. There were videos in class that were shown that I couldn’t avoid. Involuntary media to me in this situation was everything I saw that was media, but I didn’t see it as media until I thought about it. I was not very successful with avoiding all forms of media because of the fact that it’s everywhere, and I kept putting my headphones in every time.

Two Days is Possible- Three is Not

My day without media didn’t feel drastically different except for the music aspect. I still had to go to class, I still ate with my friends, and I still did homework. As a college student there is so much to do, so I never felt lost without media in two days. Going without any voluntary media for more than two days would be very difficult though.

On a side note, my media habits are listening to music to focus, going on the internet to stay connected to news and people, and talking on the phone to stay in touch with people close to me.

Media is Life- Better Yet Life is Media

Reflecting on this whole assignment, I realize how much media is involved with everyday life. We have become a society that truly needs it. It does so much for people, that media isn’t always looked at as just media. It’s looked at as a part of life, something you take for granted because it has become routine in your life. You don’t think twice about it. Don’t just believe me though, try it for yourselves. As for the video, you can decide the influence music can have on society

Look Media It’s Over There- Actually It’s Everywhere

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Medium at its largest

When I first read this assignment, I had to figure out what exactly media was. It involves any means of communication that influence and reach people widely. That includes the TV, radio, newspaper, books, magazines, advertising, music, and when you think about it, that includes most things around you.

The Media Frenzy in My Life

I recorded my voluntary and forced consumption of media during the weekend, and the most prominent influence was music. Anytime my computer is on, or I’m doing homework, exercising, driving, walking to class, even thinking, I have headphones in. For this weekend, the amount of music I was exposed to totaled around nine hours, whether hearing it on the radio or from my computer. I did homework for about five hours, which is not long, but this was Valentine’s weekend.

Having a girlfriend, being on the phone is required. For the weekend, I logged around four hours on the cell phone. As for being in front of a movie or television screen, six and half hours is pretty long for me in two days, but it happened. I don’t watch that much TV unless it’s sports, the Colbert Report, or the Office.

Can You Please Turn Off the Radio

Interesting things that I have noticed about my other exposures to media is with Facebook, I don’t stay on for more than five minutes. I always go on when I get tired of doing homework. My life, gladly, does not revolve around it. The same goes for YouTube; I don’t ever spend much time on it. Also, all my news sources come from online, never any newspapers or magazines. As for the radio, it does not appeal to me at all. I don’t find that it has relevance with the choice of music that dominates airways.

Advertising- You Cannot Hide From it

What is very interesting is how advertising dominates everyday society. One thing I noticed was is that I hardly ever pay attention to advertisements. I never remember any, and I could not tell you the last ad I have seen recently. Interesting enough this article on the internet states that “on average we see 3,000 ads per day”.  ( That is an amazing statistic to me, because it shows that media plays such a large role in our everyday lives, we forget that it’s even there.

In terms of what surprised me the most for my media consumption, had to be music. I know the amount of music I listen to during the weekdays is ever higher. It makes my day a lot easier, and I am glad that it will never have to be taken away from me.

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